Episode 109: Tyler Murdock

Why B2B Matters for Dentists

Tyler Murdock, owner of Aligned Profit, talks with Gary about the difference between B2C and B2B, why dentists should care, and why great marketing starts with an attitude of service.

Episode 108: Austin Hair

“De Novo” vs. Acquisition | Tips on Starting a Practice from Scratch

Austin Hair, managing partner at Leaders Real Estate, returns to the show to share why de novos are more popular than ever, how to pick the right location for yours, and how the blockchain is changing dental real estate investing.

Episode 107: Patrick O'Rourke

Does Your Practice Need Dental Insurance?

Patrick O’Rourke, founder of Practice Quotient, talks with Gary about all things dental insurance — do DSOs get more leverage dealing with insurance companies, do your practice actually need to take it, and what happens if you don’t?

Episode 106: Lori Mixon

The TRUTH Behind DSOs (and Why It’s Important)

Lori Mixon, vice president of marketing at Peak Dental Services, gives her take on why you can’t just declare DSOs to be bad (or good), what she’s learned helping lead a fully remote DSO, and what happened when her last group bought 170 practices — right before COVID hit.

Episode 105: Chad Johnston

EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Patient Financing

Chad Johnston, director of strategic accounts at iCreditWorks, joins Gary to give a lender’s perspective on what goes into approving patients for financing, how many approval ratings are just smoke and mirrors, and what you can do to help more of your patients get the credit they need.

Episode 104: Jay Letwat

EXACTLY How to Get More Patients Financially Accepted

Jay Letwat, Sunbit’s vice president of dental, talks with Gary about financing problems that can blow up your relationship with your patients, plus what goes into boosting approval rates and how his company offers a solution.

Special Episode: 2nd Anniversary

DMT is Turning 2. Here’s What We’ve Learned So Far.

To celebrate Dental Marketing Theory’s 2nd birthday, we’ve gathered 10 of the most popular or valuable insights shared on this podcast over the last two years. Listen for Brett Miller on why operations lead to marketing failures, Ron Brush on how to recruit top talent, Josey Sewell on why it’s okay not to know, and more.

Episode 103: Dr. Ryan Morrison

Close More Patients on Autopilot Using VIDEO

Dr. Ryan Morrison, creator of TeamWorx Dental, gives Gary the rundown on how dental practices can use short sales videos and scripting to solve gaps in patient communication, boost case acceptances, and save time.

Episode 102: Marley Jaxx

REVEALING the Secrets to Social Media in 2023

Marley Jaxx, CEO of YouTube Lead Machine, tells Gary why she quit working as a hygienist to become an entrepreneur, why investing in content is like buying opportunity rather than renting it, and why AI means that now, more than ever, attracting eyeballs is about quality rather than quantity.

Episode 101: John Murphy

I Recruited 500 Dentists. Here’s What I’ve Learned.

John Murphy, Aspen’s vice president of talent acquisition, joins the show to talk about why recruiting is really just another form of marketing, what de novo practices need to do in order to attract top talent, and how clinical partnerships with dental schools can be a powerful tool for recruiters or practice leaders.