Episode 118: Kevin Cumbus

When is the Right Time to Sell Your Dental Practice?

TUSK Partners president Kevin Cumbus returns to the show to talk about why private equity firms are suddenly investing in de novos, what PE practice buyers are looking for — and why for owners, now might be the best time to sell.

Episode 117: Asprodental

EASILY Manage Your Dental Practice | Asprodental Cloud Practice Software

Kimberly and Tiffany Nguyen, co-founders of Asprodental, give Gary the rundown on practice management software: why they decided to build their own, why designing a good one is so hard, and why automation and customization are the future of the PMS.

Episode 116: Glen Goold

Who Should Be CEO of a Practice?

Glen Goold, CEO of Riverside Dental, shares his take on the cultural disconnect between DSOs and their individual practices, how dentists can get more value from their relationships with vendors, and why his partners decided to ask a non-dentist like him to lead their dental group.

Episode 115: Dr. Wilhelm Piskorowski

How Do We Solve the Labor Shortage in the Dental Industry?

Dr. Wilhelm Piskorowski, founder of ACES Health, returns to the show to talk about how his organization is creating new opportunities to connect practices and dental students looking to gain clinical experience and serve vulnerable people in their communities.

Episode 114: Dr. Michael Cohen & Mark Gaylard

Are Clear Aligners the Way to Go?

Dr. Michael Cohen and Mark Gaylard, co-founders of Dental Mentorship Group, talk with Gary about why more GP dentists should consider adding clear aligners, how to get your team to buy-in, and why you should join them at AlignerCon.

Episode 113: Bryan Laskin

The Nearly Impossible Job of Disrupting the Dental Industry

Dr. Bryan Laskin, co-founder of Toothapps, talks with Gary about making the transition from clinician to entrepreneur — and why dental is such a tough market for startups and tech disruptors to crack.

Episode 112: Vincent Cardillo

These 2 Things Changed the Dental Industry Forever

Vincent Cardillo, founder of Maeva Dental Advisors, talks with Gary about how private equity investors have changed dental, plus why practices and dental groups are struggling to get the data they need to compete with big DSOs.

Episode 111: Melissa Turner

Don’t Fall Into the Influencer Trap as a Dentist

Melissa Turner, Chief Hygiene Officer at Cellerant Consulting Group, talks with Gary about why dentists don’t need to act like influencers in order to build a powerful personal brand, why even DSOs need to think small when it comes to building brand awareness, and why dental is always 10-15 years behind other industries.

Episode 110: Teresa Duncan

Is Dental Insurance Worth It?

Should you embrace dental insurance, stop working with it entirely, or take a middle path? Teresa Duncan, president of Odyssey Management, joins the show to give Gary her take on that question.

Episode 109: Tyler Murdock

Why B2B Matters for Dentists

Tyler Murdock, owner of Aligned Profit, talks with Gary about the difference between B2C and B2B, why dentists should care, and why great marketing starts with an attitude of service.