Episode 138: Clint Berry

3 Steps to Leveling Up Your Dental Data

Clint Berry, co-founder of Kolla, talks with Gary about why software integration is so essential for dentists, how to use your PMS to help your practice grow, and how to choose the right one.

Episode 137: Dr. Trevor Lines

Why Change is Essential for Growth-Minded Dentists

Dr. Trevor Lines, a business development consultant with Revolutionary Tribes, shares his journey as a practicing dentist who ventured into consulting and why growth-minded dentists need to embrace change above all else.

Episode 136: Angela Baker

What Banks Aren’t Telling Dentists

Angela Baker, a vice president at Wintrust Financial Corporation, talks with Gary about why banks love loaning to dentists, which kinds of practices make the best investment, and how your specialties can affect your loan terms.

Episode 135: Dr. Jason Auerbach

#1 Secret of the Bloody Tooth Guy Success

Dr. Jason Auerbach, founder of Riverside Oral Surgery, talks with Gary about creating an ideal patient journey, why he came to embrace social media, and why good marketing is all about relationships.

Episode 134: Alex Nottingham & Eric Vickery

#1 Reason Your Dental Office is Failing

Alex Nottingham and Eric Vickery, CEO and president of coaching at All-Star Dental Academy, join Gary to talk about how they help practices grow, why practice leaders need to adopt a growth mindset, and where podcasting fits into it all.

Episode 133: Debi Easterday

Why Your Hygienists Quit (It’s Bad)

Debi Easterday, CEO of H2B Consulting, talks with Gary about the dental hiring challenge, why hygiene talent is so hard to retain, and why the dental industry needs to talk about the many hygienists who quit their jobs over sexual harassment or ethics.

Episode 132: Brian Mans

#1 Reason Young Dentists are Picking DSOs

Brian Mans, founder of Sell to a DSO, joins Gary to talk about why fewer young dentists are going solo, what small dental groups can learn from DSOs, and exactly what you should look for before buying your next practice.

Episode 131: Joe Fogg

Top 3 Things You Don’t Get About Dental Temp Agencies

Joe Fogg, founder of onDiem, joins Gary to talk about how to solve dental’s ongoing labor shortage, why even solo dentists have to think more like DSOs now, and how the two of them look alike.

Episode 130: Dr. Travis Campbell

Dentists: Use this Billing Strategy to Keep More Patients

Dr. Travis Campbell, founder of Dental Insurance Guy, talks with Gary about why insurance is so challenging for practices to get right, how a simple change in billing strategy can boost patient happiness, and whether dentists who give up on insurance altogether are making a wise move.

Episode 129: Amol Nirgudkar

Framing the Dental Industry with a Different Perspective (w/ Amol Nirgudkar)

Amol Nirgudkar, CEO of Patient Prism, returns to the show to talk with Gary about why dental marketing requires a holistic approach, why dentists need to take sales seriously, and why creating capacity should be the top priority for DSOs heading into 2024.