Episode 151: Shawn Peers

Expert Tips on U.S. vs Canada Dental Financing

Host Gary Bird engages in a deep dive with Shawn Peers, a former lawyer turned dental industry expert, discussing the unique challenges and strategies in dental practice management and marketing in the U.S. and Canada. Shawn shares insights from his journey from law to the dental industry, emphasizing the importance of adapting business models to the changing healthcare landscape and leveraging group purchasing to reduce costs. The conversation explores differences in dental insurance and patient financing between the U.S. and Canada, offering actionable advice for dentists to navigate these complexities and improve patient communication and care.


Shawn Peers

President of DentalPeers

Website: dentalpeers.ca

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/dentalpeers
Facebook: facebook.com/dentalpeers
Instagram: instagram.com/dentalpeers
Twitter/X: twitter.com/dentalpeers

Say hello to Shawn!

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/shawn-peers-b7743932
Facebook: facebook.com/shawn.peers

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