Episode 147: Steve Jensen

Hidden KPIs that Transform Dental

In this podcast episode, Gary Bird and Steve Jensen discuss the nuances of the dental industry, focusing on trends in treatment presentation and patient acceptance. They delve into the data analytics provided by Dental Intel, examining how treatment costs and acceptance rates have shifted over time, and explore the challenges of patient financing and appointment scheduling. The conversation also touches on broader industry trends and the impact of economic factors on dental practices.


Steve Jensen

Vice-President of Business Development at Dental Intelligence Inc

Website: dentalintel.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/dental-intel
Facebook: facebook.com/dentalintel
Instagram: instagram.com/dental.intelligence
Twitter/X: twitter.com/dental_intel
YouTube: youtube.com/@Dentalintel

Say hello to Steve!

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/stevenanthonyjensen
Facebook: facebook.com/stevenanthony.j
Instagram: instagram.com/stevenanthonyjensen

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