Episode 150: Jessica Gore

The Rise of Tasty Clean in the Dental Industry w/ Jessica Gore

Gary explores the inception and evolution of Tasty Clean with its founder, Jessica Gore. Initially developed as a natural cleaning solution for baby products, Tasty Clean pivoted to the dental industry after proving its effectiveness in sanitizing dental appliances. Jessica shares her journey from identifying a gap in the market to ultimately repositioning her product to serve both consumers and dental professionals, emphasizing the importance of clean dental appliances for overall oral health.


Jessica Gore

Founder of Tasty Clean

Website: tastyclean.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/tasty-clean
Facebook: facebook.com/mytastyclean
Instagram: instagram.com/tastyclean
Twitter/X: twitter.com/tastyclean
YouTube: youtube.com/@tastyclean

Say hello to Jessica!

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jessica-gore-394471a1

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