Episode 144: Pedro Becker

A Deep Dive into Dental Technology and Security

Pedro Becker, CEO of Becker Alliance, Zenith Dental IT, and Axle, talks with Gary about his unique journey into the dental industry as well as his contributions to digital transformation and cybersecurity. The two discuss how Pedro’s companies integrate technology to streamline dental practices’ operations and the vital steps practices can take to protect against the increasingly common threat of cyberattacks.


Pedro Becker

Founder and CEO of Becker Alliance

Website: beckeralliance.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/beckeralliance
Facebook: facebook.com/p/Becker-Alliance-100027452052244

Say hello to Pedro!

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/pedrobeckertx
Facebook: facebook.com/profile.php?id=100079033418414

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