Episode 148: Reuben Kamp

Lesson from Biggest Cyberattacks in Dental Industry

Host Gary Bird and IT expert Reuben Kamp delve into recent cybersecurity breaches affecting major dental organizations like Aspen Dental, Henry Shine, and Change Healthcare. They discuss the impact of these hacks on the dental industry and the importance of strong cybersecurity measures, especially for smaller dental offices. Reuben emphasizes the necessity of basic cybersecurity practices, such as having proper backups, to prevent ransomware attacks and protect patient data, highlighting the vital role of IT in maintaining the integrity and security of dental practices.


Reuben Kamp

Chief Executive Officer at Darkhorse Tech, Inc. 

Website: darkhorsetech.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/darkhorse-tech-inc
Facebook: facebook.com/DarkhorseTech
Instagram: instagram.com/darkhorsetech
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UClarf6wXe2b5XNL5wWUnM-A

Say hello to Reuben!

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/reubenkamp
Facebook: facebook.com/reuben.kamp
Instagram: instagram.com/reub25

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