Episode 97: Jinesh Patel & Taylor Dunn

Your Next Six-Figure Opportunity is Sitting in Your Storage Room

Jinesh Patel and Taylor Dunn of UpTimeHealth stop by to tell Gary why so many dentists have 6-figure opportunities sitting in their storage room and how they’ve built a company around the least glamorous side of dental — equipment management.


Jinesh Patel

Co-Founder & CEO of UptimeHealth

Taylor Dunn

Director of Strategic Growth at UptimeHealth

Website: uptimehealth.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/uptimehealth
Facebook: facebook.com/uptimehealth
Instagram: instagram.com/uptimehealth
YouTube: youtube.com/@uptimehealth3385
Twitter: twitter.com/uptimehealth

Say hello to Jinesh!

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jineshjpatel
Twitter: twitter.com/jineshjpatel

Say hello to Taylor!

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/taylordunn1

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