Episode 133: Debi Easterday

Why Your Hygienists Quit (It’s Bad)

Debi Easterday, CEO of H2B Consulting, talks with Gary about the dental hiring challenge, why hygiene talent is so hard to retain, and why the dental industry needs to talk about the many hygienists who quit their jobs over sexual harassment or ethics.


Debi Easterday

Chief H2B (Human-to-Business) Matchmaker – H2B Consulting, Inc.

Website: h2bconsulting.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/h2bconsulting
Facebook: facebook.com/H2BConsultingServices
Instagram: instagram.com/h2b_consulting

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LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/debieasterday
Facebook: facebook.com/debi.easterday
Instagram: instagram.com/easterdaydebi
Twitter/X: twitter.com/DebiEasterday

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