Episode 48: Special with Amol & Ovie Nirgudkar

What We Saw in Ukraine: A Special Episode with Amol & Ovie Nirgudkar

On a unique episode of DMT, Gary sits down with Amol Nirgudkar and his daughter Ovie to talk about their relief trip to Ukraine in May and June 2022. Amol and Ovie share what it was like to fly halfway around the world and jump in to aid refugees in need — plus how you can join them in helping the Ukrainian people through their new non-profit, Through Human Eyes.


Amol and Ovie Nirgudkar

Be sure to check out Amol’s upcoming non-profit: Through Human Eyes! Launching soon!

Say hello to Amol!

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/amolnirgudkar
Instagram: instagram.com/amolnirgudkar

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