Episode 71: Emily Letran

This is Why Dentist’s Limiting Beliefs Should be Challenged

Dr. Emily Letran, founder of the dental performance coaching firm Exceptional Leverage and herself a practicing dentist, stops by to talk about making the leap from clinical work to coaching, how she helps dentists who are sick of being dentists, and why examining your limiting beliefs can lead to big changes in your life.


Emily Letran

High Performance Coach and Founder of Exceptional Leverage Inc.

Website: exceptional-leverage-inc.now.site/home
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/exceptional-leverage-inc/about

Say hello to Emily!

Website: dremilyletran.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/coachemilyletran
Instagram: instagram.com/coachemilyletran
Facebook: facebook.com/coachemilyletran
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCYGFTGYMgwgew1yD_L-nj5A
Twitter: twitter.com/coachemily1

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