Episode 64: Santosh Patel

Struggling to Keep Track of Referrals? This Software Can Help.

DMT alumni (and Complete Specialty Solutions co-founder) Santosh Patel stops by for a follow-up to discuss what it’s been like to double the size of his business over the last year and begin moving into SaaS, why dentists and dental CEOs can’t forget about core values, and what the future may hold for the messy world of practice management apps.


Santosh Patel

President & Co-Founder, Complete Specialty Solutions

Website: completespecialty.com
Facebook: facebook.com/CompleteSpecialty
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/complete-specialty-solutions

Say hello to Santosh!

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/santosh-patel-8849a013
Instagram: instagram.com/santosh825
Facebook: facebook.com/santosh.patel82

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