Episode 25: Dr. Paul Goodman

Serving Up a Giant Plate of Dental Nachos

Gary Bird sits down with the one and only Dr. Paul Goodman, Founder of Dental Nachos to discuss everything from growing up watching his father be a great dentist to the issues facing the industry today. They take a deep dive into technology, dental schools, and what it takes to really be a great dental professional.


Dr. Paul Goodman

Founder of Dental Nachos & Dentist Job Connect

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Dr. Paul Goodman

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dr-paul-goodman
Instagram: instagram.com/drpaulgoodman
Facebook: facebook.com/DrPaulNachoGoodman

Dental Nachos

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/dentalnachos
Instagram: instagram.com/dentalnachos
Website: dentalnachos.com
Facebook: facebook.com/dentalnachos

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