Episode 99: Dr. Himesh Kana

How to Keep Your Group Profitable Through Economic Challenges

Dr. Himesh Kana, managing partner and chief medical officer of Dental Depot DFW, tells Gary what young dentists should look for when deciding which DSO to work for, why his group invests so heavily in high-traffic locations, and how he’s tackling the multi-headed problem of rising costs, inflation, and lower case acceptance rates.


Dr. Himesh Kana

Managing Partner and Chief Medical Officer Dental Depot DFW

Website: dentaldepotdfw.com

Facebook: facebook.com/DentalDepotDFW
Instagram: instagram.com/dentaldepotdfw
Twitter: twitter.com/DentalDepot_DFW
YouTube: youtube.com/@dentaldepotdfw5150

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LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/himesh-kana-18561436
Facebook: facebook.com/himeshkana
Instagram: instagram.com/the2thfixer
Twitter: twitter.com/HimeshKana
TikTok: tiktok.com/@2thfixer

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