Special Episode: Dykema

Here’s How You Grow in a Tough Dental Economy

Interest rates are up, patient demand is slowing down, and dentists are facing a decline in revenue. On this special episode, join CEOs Amol Nirgudkar of Patient Prism and Stephen Sweeney of iCreditWorks as they explain how practice leaders can get through these challenges and why showing up for the Scaling Your Practice Bootcamp at Dykema will help.


Amol Nirgudkar

CEO at Patient Prism

Stephen Sweeney

Chairman and CEO of iCreditWorks

Website: patientprism.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/patientprism
Facebook: facebook.com/PatientPrism
Instagram: instagram.com/patientprism
Twitter: twitter.com/PatientPrism
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCAjsP5EpZQO_MwlTbrA8Eig

Website: icreditworks.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/icreditworks
Facebook: facebook.com/icreditworks
Instagram: instagram.com/icreditworks
Twitter: twitter.com/icreditworks

Say hello to Amol!

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/amolnirgudkar
Facebook: facebook.com/reliancecpa
Instagram: instagram.com/amolnirgudkar
Twitter: twitter.com/RelianceACP

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