Episode 68: Elijah Desmond

Are Dental Influencers Harmful to The Industry?

Smiles at Sea and Driven Dental Marketing founder Elijah Desmond stops by to give us an inside look at the dental events industry he’s helped create and tackle this key question: Are influencers doing dental more harm than good?


Elijah Desmond

Founder and CEO of The Dental Festival
Co-Founder of Driven Dental Implant Marketing
Founder of Smiles at Sea

Website: smilesatsea.com

The Dental Festival LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/the-dental-festival
Smiles at Sea LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/smiles-at-sea
Driven Dental Implant Marketing LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/driven-dental-implant-marketing

Say hello to Elijah!

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/elijahdesmond
Instagram: instagram.com/dj_smiles_
Facebook: facebook.com/Motivation501

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