Episode 140: Shelly VanEpps

$150M Lost in Dental Due to Cyberattacks

Gary is joined by Shelly VanEpps of All-Star Dental Academy to delve into a significant cyberattack on the Health Exchange that has severely impacted the dental industry. They discuss the ongoing challenges dental offices face due to delayed insurance payments, how the attack has caused widespread disruptions, and the measures being taken to mitigate the fallout. The episode highlights solutions such as an accessible eBook designed to help dental practices navigate and recover from the financial hurdles posed by the cyberattack.


Shelly VanEpps

Integrator & VP of Business Development, Mastery Dental Coach at All-Star Dental Academy

Website: allstardentalacademy.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/all-star-dental-academy
Facebook: facebook.com/AllStarDentalAcademy
Instagram: instagram.com/allstardentalacademy
Twitter/X: twitter.com/DentalAllStars
YouTube: youtube.com/@Allstardentalacademy
TikTok: tiktok.com/@dentalallstars

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LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/shelly-vanepps-83095a161
Facebook: facebook.com/shelly.flickvanepps
Instagram: instagram.com/shellyv316

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