Episode 141: Allison Lacoursiere

#1 Secret for Large Dental Cases

Gary is joined by Allison Lacoursiere, who passionately discusses her upcoming dental event in Bermuda, aimed at enhancing dental practices through focused tracks on implants and aligners. Set in the breathtaking locale of Bermuda, the event promises not just learning opportunities with top-notch industry experts but also an immersive island experience. Allison also reveals exciting offers, including free tickets and exclusive discounts for early responders, making this an unmissable event for dental professionals looking to expand their services and patient satisfaction.

Supercharge Your Practice with More Big Cases is a 3-day ‘growth-mindset’ business bootcamp for treatment coordinators and key dental team members. If you’re looking to learn proven strategies to elevate to the next level with more big implant and aligner cases, invest in yourself, your team and your practice. You can visit superchargemorebigcases.mykajabi.com/bermuda to register. The event is on Thursday, May 30 – Saturday, June 1, 2024.


Allison Lacoursiere

Founder and CEO at Clear Coaching & Consulting

Website: yourclearalignercoach.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/clear-coaching-consulting
Facebook: facebook.com/yourclearalignercoach
Instagram: instagram.com/yourclearalignercoach

Say hello to Allison!

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/allison-lacoursiere-32789680
Facebook: facebook.com/allison.lacoursiere
Instagram: instagram.com/yourclearalignercoach

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