Tips From Gary.

How Do New Patients Come Into Your Office?

When you kick off any marketing, it's key to have an internal strategy to ensure the practice can handle an influx of new calls. Is it a hygiene client, a patient that will require the doctor's schedule, or a consultation? Depending on the focus, there are some key factors to prepare the team for these calls.

Do You Have Long Buying Cycles or Short Buying Cycle Patients?

How do you identify your target market in 2021? When we look at our dental practices and their target audiences, we identify them through buying cycles! Does a patient have an emergency, do they need a routine cleaning, or are they looking for cosmetic care like dental implants, Invisalign, or Veneers?

Why Marketing Patients Don’t Trust You

New Patients from Marketing efforts are the worst! Let us explain. As dental practices look to scale, it's important to understand that each type of new patient has a different trust level. Is it a patient referral, an in-network insurance carrier, or someone who saw one of your ads?