Episode 40: Dr. Eric Roman

You Can Either Fight Change — Or Ride It

Gary chats with Dr. Eric Roman, the co-founder of JoyFULL People and a partner in the DEO, about how the journey is always better than the destination, why you need to practice what you preach if you want to build a strong company culture, and why it’s time for the dental industry to stop fighting change and start riding it.


Dr. Eric Roman

Co-Founder of JoyFULL People
Partner at the DEO

DEO: deodentalgroup.com
JoyFULL People: joyfullpeople.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/joyfull-people
Instagram: instagram.com/joyfullpeople
Facebook: facebook.com/joyfullmethod

Say hello to Dr. Roman!

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ericjromandds
Instagram: instagram.com/ej.roman.007
Facebook: facebook.com/ej.roman.3975

Visit the DEO:

Facebook: facebook.com/DEODentalGroup
Instagram: instagram.com/dentistentrepreneurorg
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/deodentalgroup

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