Episode 127: Dr. Avi Patel

Why Dentists are Deleting Themselves?

Dr. Avi Patel, founder of Clear Aligner Advisor, joins Gary to talk about why so many dentists struggle in the profession, why fewer dentists should work full-time, and how DSOs can do a better job empowering their associates.


Dr. Avi Patel

Founder and CEO – Clear Aligner Advisor

Website: clearaligneradvisor.co

Facebook: facebook.com/clearaligneradvisor

Say hello to Dr. Avi!

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/avi-patel-043732142
Instagram: instagram.com/doctor.avi
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCQzBnHZyvrIWgnkVPHmDpdg

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