Episode 74: Dr. Tim Richardson

No One Else Is Running A DSO Like This…

Acorn Dentistry for Kids founder Dr. Tim Richardson shares what he’s learned from building a 6-location dental group in 5 years, why he’s taken inspiration from Simon Sinek to build an organization that doesn’t have managers, and how he’s managed to keep his team’s focus on patients while still adapting much of the DSO model.


Dr. Tim Richardson

Founder, Acorn Dentistry for Kids 

Website: acorndentistryforkids.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/acorn-dentistry-for-kids
Indeed: indeed.com/cmp/Acorn-Dentistry-For-Kids-1
Instagram: instagram.com/acorn_dentistry_for_kids
Twitter: twitter.com/acorn_dentistry

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LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/tim-richardson-84180b37
Facebook: facebook.com/tim.richardson.77715869

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