Episode 111: Melissa Turner

Don’t Fall Into the Influencer Trap as a Dentist

Melissa Turner, Chief Hygiene Officer at Cellerant Consulting Group, talks with Gary about why dentists don’t need to act like influencers in order to build a powerful personal brand, why even DSOs need to think small when it comes to building brand awareness, and why dental is always 10-15 years behind other industries.


Melissa Turner

Senior Executive Consultant/Chief Hygiene Officer at Cellerant Consulting Group

Website: cellerantconsulting.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/cellerantconsulting
Facebook: facebook.com/cellerantconsulting
Instagram: instagram.com/bestofclasstechawards
Twitter: twitter.com/CellerantGroup

Say hello to Melissa!

Website: melissakturner.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/melissakturner
Facebook: facebook.com/thetoothgirl
Instagram: instagram.com/thetoothgirl

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