Episode 51: Dr. Hendrik Lai

You’re a Small Dental Group. What Do You Need to Do to Survive the Big Industry Shakeout?

Dental is getting bigger and more corporate than ever. How does a small dental group stay afloat? Watch as Dr. Hendrik Lai takes you through the key steps.


Dr. Hendrik Lai

Co-Founder and Principal Consultant, Sage Dental Consulting

Website: sagedentalconsulting.com

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Facebook: facebook.com/hendrik.lai.1804
Instagram: instagram.com/drhendriklai
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/hendrik-lai

Sage Dental Consulting

Facebook: facebook.com/sagedentalconsulting
Instagram: instagram.com/sagedentalconsulting
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/sage-dental-consulting

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